Our approach to successful research has three main pillars: During conception, we gain a basic understanding of the issue. During moderation, we use functioning tools to achieve truthful results. During discovery, we reveal the secrets behind the apparent facts.

We think outside the box.


During the conception phase, we attach great importance to an in-depth status analysis. The more precisely this is formulated now, the better assured the results are at the end of the process.

We define:

  • Questions and requirements from key stakeholders
  • Hypotheses from marketing, product development, communication
  • Project goals of the entire team
  • The target group


Moderation prepares the way for the best results. Using our tailor-made tools, we tap into our core competences: listening – watching – understanding. We get close to the target group, motivate the test subjects to provide us with statements and actions that respond to your issues and collect all the data precisely and in detail. Everything that is said and done contains statements that we translate for you.


The conclusion and pinnacle of our research: revealing secrets.
Using the findings we obtain through moderation, we examine the hypotheses formulated during conception, develop new theories and present clear, practicable recommendations that will take you by surprise, give new impetus for your work and help your company create innovative products.

We generate aha moments for the future of your brand.