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INTULOGIC – pooled scientific expertise from the natural and social sciences, from years of work in multifunctional teams with brand manufacturers and from experience in consulting. INTULOGIC represents expertise in quality research, conception and moderation. Since 2006. INTULOGIC manages client projects on an equal footing, because we are familiar with all the phases of product development and the branding process – in theory and in practice.

Dr. Jutta Kreiter

Dr. Jutta Kreiter

Managing Partner

I am always on the move, that is when I think best. I am driven by curiosity and the desire for new things. Listening to people, allowing my thoughts to run free and capturing them. Digging deep into topics – often so deep that it is difficult to stop. Understanding complex contexts better and better is what brings me satisfaction – until the next question pops up. What fascinates me? Fathoming people, their feelings and their actions and developing smarter methods to do so. What inspires me: helping the client to move forward. My most valued affirmation: when my work produces results that shed new light on things and contributes to measurable success in the brand and product cycle.

Petra Nürnberg

Petra Nürnberg

Senior Project Manager

I like precision. When I start something, it has to be correct down to the last detail by the time I finish. It doesn’t matter whether this is setting up planned studies, recruiting test subjects, developing online platforms or processing the results. I have been assisting INTULOGIC with surveys on various brands and products for almost ten years now. This has aroused my curiosity; I love seeing which methods our management consultants use to bring results to light. INTULOGIC never stands still. A fascinating evolution – and I follow it with almost as much pleasure as UHC Hamburg hockey games.

International Network
INTULOGIC executes projects for international brands worldwide. In order to fulfil all country-specific requirements, we collaborate with the most reliable partners, agencies and recruiters on site. We pursue the highest standards of quality. Our partners have proven their excellent skills in many projects they have completed together with us.

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