Our latest development: INTUMYND®

The power of the subconscious mind

With INTUMYND® we reveal true needs in a state of deep-set creativity and focused attention. To achieve this, we stimulate people to take on a meditative sensory journey into subconscious depths.  We let hearts speak, give intuition a voice and avoid censorship – honesty and openness are prevalent.

  • Direct access to the subconscious mind and making the most of its potential
    (creativity, intuition, deep-rooted habits, values, long-term memory)
  • Bypassing the critical instance (no politically correct answers, just the bare truth)
  • Stimulation of all senses for free association (resolution of deadlocked patterns)

Further Intulogic Specialties

In-depth research reveals hidden information

In the field we never just skim the surface – our aim is to penetrate the inner essence of what test subjects think, say, feel and do.
Using our special tools, your team and ours can observe behaviour and emotions directly and in depth within your target group.


Observe Me Blog

Exploring the target group’s behaviour and emotions in personal blogs. Unbiased contributions are observed and evaluated.

  • Raise awareness of the topic (especially in low involvement categories).

  • Identify specific priorities of the target group.

  • Capture their own word selection and speech patterns.


Observe My Behavior

Unbiased observation of test subjects at relevant key moments (e.g. shopping, check-in, consultation etc.).

  • Observe unconscious habits.

  • Understand the decision-making pattern.


Catch My Trend

Combining new global trends with the unarticulated needs and wishes of your target group.

  • Trends are brought to life specifically for your target group.

  • Directly deriving specific ideas for new products and services.


Sensorial Discovery

Guided journey through all the senses using creative tools from the Sensory Material Box.

  • Emotional benefits become tangible.
  • Abstract ideas are translated into sensory product signals.

A moderated process that facilitates understanding of your target group, proximity to the consumer and cooperation within your team.

  • Direct interaction between the team and the target group.

  • Productive team dynamics.

  • Practicable results that have the support of the entire team.

Lead User

Passionate lighthouse consumers lead the way into the future for your brand.

  • Hand-selecting trendsetters using an intensive screening process.

  • Detecting current trends within the target group.

  • Tapping into the inventor spirit of the lead users for needs-oriented innovations.

Metaphor Elicitation

Uncovering the deepest feelings and hidden thoughts regarding the perception of images and metaphors.

  • Appreciation for interrelations between unconscious feelings and desired product characteristics.

  • Mapping the benefit territories.


Stimulating the target group to freely associate themes and express their own dormant needs.

  • Your target group articulates needs from which functional and emotional benefits can be derived.
  • The “stories” give rise to creative and relevant advertising messages.