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Our clients add to our wealth of experience. Every brand and every project provides us with new incentive and gives us an opportunity to penetrate ever deeper into qualified research. We love new issues that offer us a better understanding of target groups and their hidden needs.



Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

»Jutta and Sibylle understand in an incomparable way how to capture our needs as a client and exactly define the project goals together with us – especially if the vectors are not yet fully known. Based on this, they design a tailor-made study that provides holistic answers and in-depth insights into the relevant subject matter. Beyond answering the actual project questions, they expand our fundamental knowledge of our consumers. Their results are so structured and specific that they can be implemented within our organisation without any friction losses.«

A. Renz, Associate Director, Procter & Gamble Beauty

»The results of our excellent collaboration with INTULOGIC contributed significantly to the realignment of our development goals. In addition, the direct contact our developers had with consumers during the study had a lasting impact on our way of working. Since then, the consumer has clearly had a stronger presence in our technical team.«

Dr. A. Doll, Head of R&D, STABILO International GmbH

»Working with Sibylle and Jutta is always a wonderful and enriching experience. They are both true professionals with a very sound knowledge of marketing and qualitative research, which is something that cannot be taken for granted.
Whatever issues we are pursuing, they always develop the most effective approach. They open up new and unusual perspectives and present different angles, all based on in-depth analysis. Their approach to solving challenging issues always follows a clear strategic concept that helps us as the client to move forward. We love working with them. Their passion and enthusiasm are contagious. With them on board, the entire research process becomes truly exciting and inspiring. As far as we are concerned, they offer what is by far the best qualitative research in Germany.«

M. Spinola, Managing Partner, mUp Research