what makes us unique

Your brand represents values and provides orientation. To keep it alive, it must be regularly adjusted with creative ideas, smart innovations and clear communication.

INTULOGIC introduces unique perspectives.
INTULOGIC provides momentum.
INTULOGIC offers direction.

INTULOGIC develops intuitive brand and product strategies that flow from thorough research and smart, substantiated deductions.

Passionately curious

We believe that knowledge arouses ambition. We are driven by a passion for understanding. We get to the bottom of your market, listen to your target group, reveal unconscious needs and tap into the innovative power they offer.

We expect the unexpected and strike out down unfamiliar paths to discover the unforeseeable. Because we believe that the true meaning of all research is to find something new.

We see ourselves as prophets for your brand, and we will show you the way into the future with confident intuition. Our strategies have feeling, because our success rests on the combination of intuition and logic. INTULOGIC.

How we guarantee optimal solutions

We design each study to be exactly aligned with your (individual) needs. Only once we have precisely formulated goals do we start with conception.

Conception, moderation and discovery: every step in the process is guided entirely by the professional INTULOGIC Management Partners. We provide scientifically sound expertise, analytical precision and a high degree of efficiency.

Second best is simply never good enough for us:

  • We identify the most ideal locations for our studies around the world.
  • Our international partners are always among the most competent in their fields.
  • We only work with top-notch recruitment agencies.