Team & Knowledge Building

Team & Knowledge Building Tools

One team – one dream

We integrate ourselves into your team and seek to establish unity with our holistic approach. We create new standards for transferring knowledge and mutual understanding in order to achieve an effective workflow. We tap into our shared enthusiasm for devising ideas in order to generate positive energy that flows into the development of innovative and promising marketing and product concepts.

Knowledge Connect™

Gathering and synchronising knowledge

Your multifunctional team collates existing knowledge about your brand and your requirements and builds a shared knowledge base.

Team Building Workshop

Achieve more with a motivated team

Using an integrated knowledge base, the members of your multifunctional team work together to define project goals. During the process, (potential) team conflicts invariably come to light; transforming the dynamics of these conflicts into positive energy guarantees the success of the project.

Innovation Building Workshop

Into the innovation pipeline and onto the market

The project team develops and structures innovative ideas for products and communication during a creative workshop. In co-creation sessions with test subjects from the specific target group, these ideas can be tried and evaluated and then tested in practical applications for market success.